Our machinery

Arentorps Legoindustri is an engineering workshop with extensive experience in the manufacturing of metal parts. We specialise in CNC turning. We lathe metal to diameters of up to 450 mm and perform multi-operation jobs on parts measuring up to 1050 mm long, 560 mm wide and 460 mm high. We also do reworking and post-processing and provide finishing and curing services. Our machinery comprises three machining centres – including a vertical fully simultaneous 5-axle machining centre and ten CNC turning centres.

Pictures of some of our machines

Click on the pictures below for a larger view and to see the names of the machines.

Lathes Maximum lathing diameter Maximum working length Spindle drilling
STAR SR-32JN bar-fed Swiss-type automatic lathe 35 mm 80 mm 35 mm
OKUMA LB15II-M bar-fed CNC turning centre 370 mm 500 mm 50 mm
OKUMA LB15II-MW bar-fed CNC turning centre with counter spindle 370 mm 800 mm 72 mm
OKUMA LVT300-M robotised CNC turning centre      
OKUMA LB3000EX-M CNC turning centre 340 mm 500 mm 91 mm
OKUMA LB3000EX-M robotised CNC turning centre 340 mm 1000 mm 72 mm
OKUMA LB3000EXII-MYW bar-fed CNC turning centre with y-axis and counter spindle 340 mm 800 mm 80 mm
OKUMA LU400-M four-axle CNC turning centre equipped with tailstock 420 mm 1250 mm 100 mm
OKUMA LB300-M CNC turning centre 340 mm 500 mm 52 mm
OKUMA LR10-M bar-fed four-axle CNC turning centre 150 mm 450 mm 35 mm
Multi-operation milling machines X (L) Y (D) Z (H)
OKUMA GENOS M560R-V four-axle multi-operation milling machine 1050 mm 560 mm 460 mm
OKUMA MX-46VAE four-axle multi-operation milling machine 760 mm 460 mm 460 mm
OKUMA MU-400II five-axle multi-operation milling machine with 400 mm table diameter 760 mm 460 mm 460 mm

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